Belly Dance Classes in China

Find a belly dance class in your area.

Zaytoon - Belly dance classes in China.Zaytoon

Beijing, China

Type of lessons: Weekly classes, workshops

Dance style: Oriental Belly Dance, Egyptian style

Phone: +86 158 10986426    E-mail    

T&V dance studio - Belly dance classes in China.T&V dance studio

Shantou, China

Type of lessons: daily class, workshops

Dance style: Belly dance, Egyptian raqs sharqi

Phone: 013926797788    E-mail    

Violet Lee, Arabesque Belly Dance Studio - Belly dance classes in China.Violet Lee, Arabesque Belly Dance Studio

Taipei, Tai-chung, Shin-chu, To-Yuan, Taiwan, China

Type of lessons: instructional video, workshops, private, daily class

Dance style: Egyptian, Raqs Sharqi, Gypsy Rom, Fusion Tribal

Phone: 886-968-002304    E-mail    

Sherry Shen - Belly dance classes in China.Sherry Shen

Taipei, Taiwan, China

Type of lessons: workshops, privates, weekly classes

Dance style: American Cabaret, ATS

Phone: 8862-2363-0282    E-mail    

Janaki, Dance Culture - Belly dance classes in China.Janaki, Dance Culture

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island, China

Type of lessons: Daily and weekly classes, Private lessons, workshops

Dance style: Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian folk

Phone: +852 90287064    E-mail    

Shanaz - Belly dance classes in China.Shanaz

Hong Kong, China

Type of lessons: Daily Class, private instruction, workshops

Dance style: Sharqi, ethno-fusion, folk dance

Phone: +852 9014 1234    E-mail    

Jade - Belly dance classes in China.Jade

Zhuhai, China

Type of lessons: workshops

Dance style: belly dance

Phone: 13085816891    E-mail    

Oasis Dance Centre - Belly dance classes in China.Oasis Dance Centre

Hong Kong, China

Type of lessons: regular classes, workshops, privates

Dance style: bellydance (classical and fusion)


Derya (Turkish Teacher) Golden Harbour - Belly dance classes in China.Derya (Turkish Teacher) Golden Harbour

Wuhan, Hang Yang , China

Type of lessons: All lesson types

Dance style: Belly dance

Phone: 13971088775    E-mail